Salmon Cakes

Salmon Cakes Yields: 8 cakes (Serve with Jarred Fresh Salsa Fresca & Chickpea Salad) Ingredients: 2 lbs skinless salmon (recommended wild caught & you can use any fish) 1 cup panko bread

Black Bean Burger

Blackbean Burger Yields: 4-8 Burgers    (Serve with Jarred Fresh Salsa Fresca) Ingredients: 2-3 (15 oz. cans) black beans 1 small red onion 1 each small red & green bell pepper 3 large

Amazing Artichokes

Mix equal parts Jarred Fresh mild salsa and Greek strained yogurt makes a creamy, tangy sauce that’s excellent on artichokes. Put artichokes in a covered dish with ½-inch of water and microwave

Chili con Salsa

Salsa makes any cooked greens taste better! Use this as a healthy side dish or the main attraction, Wash and chop spinach (or other greens), then wilt it in a large nonstick

Jarred Fresh Summer Sangria Recipe

One of our favorite summer wine beverages is sangria – it’s light, refreshing, fun and inexpensive to make.  Of course, we’ve thought of those under 21, children and those that cannot have